After a lot of hard work and great efforts, on Tuesday, February 5, Cinematic Radio will be published. My new studio album consists of original songs and my version of the bolero Adoro. As an independent artist and without using a crowdfunding, it has not been easy to develop a project of such magnitude. Thanks to the concerts at the Keyboard Jazz Lounge in Reus, my outdoor acoustic concerts from last summer where more than 2000 people came and La Pedrera concerts, I felt with the heart of reconnecting with New York and going to the legendary Sear Sound studios accompanied by Petros Klampanis and a technical staff that included names like James Faber (who has mixed all the Jazz greats), to end at Sterling Sound with Greg Calbi (who he has re-mastered all the Beatles albums in the USA, for example). James himself accompanied me in the mastering for free to make sure that the project would look good, making sure he did not know details such as We would use wiring. Another unique experience was to record an original song of mine with legenday Tom Harrell, who I had seen so many nights at the Village Vanguard and to check that we understand each other musically.

This week I will premiere the album in Gijón (Gijón, Asturias) on a presentation tour that will stop at the Jamboree Jazz in Barcelona, the Theater of Falset (my hometown), Alcañiz, Cádiz, Almería, Madrid, Lleida and New York (May), among others. I hope we can meet at some of the concerts.

Cinematic Radio is on sale at my website

You can private message me also and I will send you a signed/personalized copy. 

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