With ÈTIM (2020), Capdevila goes back to his roots traveling to the town where he grew up, Falset (Priorat) to seclude himself for seven months in a centennial modernist cooperative winery, an architectural work of César Martinell, who was a distinguished student of Gaudí. With a grand piano surrounded by wine aging in barrels and bottles, he has developed a personal project that explores the communication between his music and wine from a clear premise: if music is capable of changing a person’s mood, why can not influence wine in any way during its aging, that is, during its aging in a barrel or in a bottle? The result has been a revelation, starting with his album full of compositions inspired by the wine world, which were created from the emotions of returning to his hometown after a long period in New York City which had began with a Fulbright grant from the Spanish Ministry of Culture. It has also been a revelation as the wine exposed to his music has improved differently from its silent testimony, according to VITEC, a local Wine Research Center. During his attempt to transmit his music in the flavor of wine, he has had the support of winemaker Marta Ferré.